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Sun care for tennis players

We all love to exercise outdoors when the sun is shining. Exercise enhances oxygen flow to the skin, flushes out impurities from its surface, and promotes production of oil, your skin’s natural moisturizer. For good health we need natural sunlight to prevent depression in the winter and to activate vitamin

Court Crate teams up with Powersorb Dampeners

Powersorb Dampeners POWERSORB’s power-increasing vibration dampener expands your racket’s sweet spot, allowing for better feel and more confidence on the court. Force = Mass x Acceleration. As the World’s first weighted vibration dampaner, INSTANTLY add weight to your racket for increased power and speed! Get the edge you need to


Learning to develop the right tennis grip on your two handed backhand is up to personal preference, but here is an insight to the grips that dominate the world of professional tennis. Often, it is the grip that can help you get a killer backhand. Commonly Used Tennis Two Handed

Best Tennis Gifts for Her

Having trouble finding a perfect present for that tennis-loving lady on your Christmas list? No worries, we’re here to help out. We’ve compiled a list below of some of the best tennis gifts and ideas, including equipment, clothing, training aids, and other essential gear. Whether for a beginner or seasoned

Wristpect Sports Wristbands

Court Crate has happily partnered up with Wrispect Sports Wristband! If you haven’t heard of Wristpect Sport! before reading this, you should definitely check it out. I had seen its wristbands on tennis websites before and really loved the fun patterns. You can get your trendy tennis dresses and vibrant polos from Nike


Learning to develop the right tennis forehand grip is up to personal preference.  There are however a few forehand grips dominate the world of professional tennis. Often, it is the grip that can help you get a monster killer forehand. For a lot of players, finding the best tennis forehand